Shay Financial Services, Inc., a registered broker/dealer and FINRA member, has been helping financial institutions build more profitable balance sheets since 1981. From securities transactions to asset/liability modeling and from institutional mutual funds to alternative funding strategies, Shay provides financial institutions with an experienced and cost-effective resources for meeting their goals. To accomplish this, Shay and its affiliates provide a broad range of products and services to address the various balance sheet needs of financial institutions, including:

  • Liability Solutions - including alternative funding sources, help fund the gap between loan and deposit growth.
  • Capital Solutions - excess capital is utilized in programs that supplement retail growth through the purchase of wholesale assets funded by wholesale liabilities.
  • Portfolio Strategies Group - provides balance sheet strategies, including in-depth analysis and reporting, policies, plans and monitoring, as an integrated component of our mission: helping financial institutions build more profitable balance sheets.
  • Fixed Income Sales and Trading - objective securities analysis, underwriting, trading, reporting and custodial services to align your investment portfolio with your business objectives.
  • Spread Manager - Shay's proprietary investment tool, empowers financial managers to evaluate bonds and analyze alternatives in terms of spread.
  • SBA Guaranteed Loan Pool Securities/Interest Certificates - objective analysis and trading of modified mortgage pass-thru pool securities that are assembled with the guaranteed portions of SBA 7 (a) loans.
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