FDIC Insured CDs

The combined efforts of Shay Financial Services, Inc. and Anthem Bank & Trust (ABT), an OCC regulated, FDIC insured savings bank, make investing in FDIC insured Certificates of Deposit simple. Utilizing the institutional buying power of Shay, the expertise of the CD traders and very finest custodial account services from ABT, institutional investors will have access to the national FDIC insured CD marketplace and the simplicity of managing a diverse portfolio through a single account at ABT.

CD Traders, having participated in the CD brokerage industry since 1991, continuously monitor Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured banks and savings institutions to identify those willing to negotiate favorable rates on Jumbo CDs. The combination of our knowledge of the national CD marketplace and our ability to purchase CDs in large denominations enable us to offer our customers attractive rates.

After purchasing a large denomination CD, Shay deposits the master certificate with ABT, who in turn holds the CDs on behalf of Shay's customers. The use of ABT as custodian allows investors to consolidate their CD investments and simplify the administration of these investments. Keeping track of your portfolio is as easy as reviewing your monthly statement or calling a single institution, ABT, with any questions or concerns.

The internet savvy investors can now enjoy all the same expertise, customer service and online purchasing capability through our secure website. Access to all your confirmations, interest payments and month-end portfolio statements can now be accessed at your convenience any where in the world. To take advantage of our web based CD Desk you must first become a member of Shay's ClientCenter with the Become a Member icon on our homepage.

As an affiliated team, Shay and ABT deliver the very best in customer service, responsiveness and efficiency. Ask your account executive for our most recent SSAE 16, SOC 1, Type 2 report from Crowe Horwath, LLP.

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